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Our classes at Habla Conmigo are taught by an instructor with more than ten years of experience.
Browse the variety of Online & In-person Spanish Classes available.
We offer both online and in-person instruction.

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    Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world

    And learning a new Language is a cultural experience

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    Take your Language Skills to the Next Level

    from google reviews

    Gerry N – From Google Reviews

    “I started taking Spanish classes with Sandra as a beginner and continued through intermediate and conversation levels. I now have a good understanding of Spanish grammar and can make myself understood in Spanish when traveling abroad. Sandra’s classes are always well prepared and, as importantly for me, they are always fun. Her enthusiasm for her subject and passion for teaching always shine through.”

    from google reviews

    Sophia Sun – From Google Reviews

    “Sandra is an excellent Spanish teacher. I have been studying Español with her for about 3 three years. She always encourage her students to speak as much as possible in class. As well, her teaching skill is systemic and easy follow. I appreciate for having such a great tutor with my language learning.”

    from google reviews

    Chris Longley – From Google Reviews

    “I have taken Spanish classes with Sandra Hernandez for several years. Classes are fun and enjoyable and Sandra engages directly with her students. Content is age appropriate (I’m a senior) and relevant to the interests of the students. My travel to Mexico and other Spanish speaking destinations is much richer by being able to understand and speak the local language, not perfectly but well enough to more than get by.”

    from google reviews

    Gail Cadwallader – From Google Reviews

    “Great teacher. I have been taking classes with Sandra for a few years now, perhaps 10? I really enjoy her classes. She really makes me think and not just how to translate what I want to say. Her topics are engaging and interesting. I love the conversations that we have. She is always creative and I love the spontaneity of her topics. She is always willing to give help when needed and is open to suggestions. I find Sandra to be really focused and helpful. I have a lot of fun in her classes. I also take another Spanish class and if I had to choose one for time constraints I would choose Sandra’s class. She always keeps me on my toes and I am never bored.”

    from google reviews

    Nikki Mertens – From Google Reviews

    “Spanish classes with Sandra were always fun and engaging. She is very professional yet personable and connects with all her students. You can tell she has a genuine passion for helping her students improve their Spanish. The classes I took with Sandra were conversation based so we had many opportunities to practice our speaking and listening skills. I’ve known her for many years now and happy to call her a friend!”